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Wishlist ^^ *updated 10/21/10* [
August 19th 2014
time: 8:30
[ mood | accomplished ]

Owned by:
Warren- CP MNF Chiwoo (Birthday- Jun 15th)
Xander- MNF Elf ShuShu SS vamp boy mod (Birthday- Jun 8th)
Loki- Orient Doll Chocolate vamp Ui boy (Birthday- Jul 13th)
Oliver- Gomidoll SS Iru/Kid Dollmore hybrid (Birthday- Jan 11th)
Katonah- 23cm Obitsu girl (Birthday- Mar 31st)
Darius- Kid Delf Cherry (Birthday- Apr 2nd)
Vale- Blue Fairy Kyle (Birthday- ?)
Jared- MNF Karsh (Birthday- ?)

Wishing for:
MNF Rena

Maybe list:
MNF Ryeon

CP Lu-Wen (T.T never gonna happen cause he's limited)

The sad thing is these dolls are really all that I want. A LTF would be nice but I have no character for one so there's really no sense. My doll family really is pretty complete. Now i just want lots of nice clothes and shoes XD

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Woah, an update in this journal? Wut? [
July 14th 2011
time: 9:43
[ mood | awake ]

I'm not even sure if anyone still really has this journal friended but whatevs :D So I'm excited because I'm on a quest to get another doll XD Ever since I got the new MSD A line body and put it on Xander, I've had the old one sitting around. I don't want to sell it, since it is still in great condition and honestly i woudln't get all that much money for it. Not for the B-line body anyways.

So I've decided to start work on Jared :3 Jared will eventually be a MNF karsh. So I'm in the process of buying a Karsh sleeping head right now, and looking around to see if anyone is doing cheaper eye openings than Angel Toast (I love her, but I can't pay $60 just for the opening and then another $75 for a faceup, that's more than I paid for the whole head) I found a girl doing like $30 eye openings but she has no portfolio examples of such. And I'm not handing over a karsh head to someone inexperienced. Worst case senario is I just send the head to Angel Toast just for the eye opening. Because I've found some places and people who are doing decent cheap faceups now.

I have a dress shirt and pants for him when he gets here (once he gets here he gets the new A line body and Xander will be on his old body) but I need to then save up for a suit for him :3 Because he'll at least need one or two suits, damn you fancy doll! But I'm sure dollmore will have something to get him by :3 I also need to find him a wig and eyes, but Denverdoll is always a good and fast shipping place for things like that :D

Also, why the fuck am I up so early? I need to see Harry Potter tonight at midnight! I need some more sleep

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PS delicious photostory - extended version [
June 23rd 2009
time: 10:56
[ mood | amused ]

Late Night Tea TimeCollapse )

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Pictures leftover from ps_delicious photoshoot [
June 17th 2009
time: 8:07
[ mood | contemplative ]

A little of everyone under hereCollapse )

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Darius' Proper wig and eyes [
April 4th 2009
time: 7:06
[ mood | cheerful ]

So Darius' proper wig and eyes showed up today from DenverDoll (I <3 them) The eyes are great but the stems are a little jagged so my dad is gonna sand them a little tomorrow for me, so hence I have no real pictures of them in Darius yet ^^ But you'd be amazed the change to a doll a wig can do ^^

Pictures under hereCollapse )

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And now for Darius' Arrival [
April 2nd 2009
time: 8:07
[ mood | hungry ]

Sorry to keep y'all waiting ^^

The Disturbed Psychic boy is here ^_^Collapse )

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A pre-arrival conference....sorta [
April 2nd 2009
time: 7:25
[ mood | artistic ]

Sooo, I traded Zephyr to a girl in Brazil for a Kid Delf Cherry, who just arrived today. I practically bounced my way to the door to grab the box from the mailman.

But first, a small photostory.

I should tell you guys stuff more often I guess, huh?Collapse )

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Luca blabber ^^ [
July 21st 2008
time: 7:24
[ mood | cheerful ]

Doll blabber under hereCollapse )

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Photo Dump time ^^ [
June 1st 2008
time: 11:37
[ mood | content ]

Who would have thought that Lysander would have gotten me out of my non dollie funk?Collapse )
There"s a fire in my yard!! NVM, it"s just KatonahCollapse )
Assassin in the Sun, or just Oliver ^^Collapse )

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Katonah [
April 7th 2008
time: 5:18
[ mood | amused ]

So I recently got an obitsu 23cm girlie ^^ She's so cute and I <3 her. She's officially Miku's doll Ai's twin, so that's gonna be really cute. I took her and Warren out into the woods behind Brownell for a photoshoot, so we ended up getting some really cute pictures. But first is Katonah's opening :D

Welcome!Collapse )

The Spoons- WarrenCollapse )

Forest Fire- KatonahCollapse )

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